Profitable Fraud Prevention

Protecting account holders from fraudulent ACH and wire transfers is a basic regulatory obligation of all financial institutions. But strategic-thinking financial institutions are partnering with ACH ALERT™ to raise their security to another level!

FIs that haven’t upped their game yet have implemented backroom analytic systems to alert themselves of suspicious activity. It falls on them to decide if and when the account holder should be contacted. These multiple layers of strong authentication that make compromising online banking systems difficult have also made it challenging for account holders to have any level of control.

And while those financial institutions are absorbing cost, keeping account holders in the dark and restricting access to protect themselves, ACH ALERT™’s national network of financial institution dealers are offering our Fraud Prevention HQ, which provides account holders a much better solution and interactive experience.

Reliable, secure and profitable fraud prevention is a strategic decision. ACH ALERT™ can help your financial institution make the smart move.