Fraud Prevention HQ

Fraud Prevention HQ lets your customers police their own accounts for all types of suspicious transaction. Now you can transform fraud prevention from a cost center into a new fee income opportunity, move fraud monitoring out of the backroom, and into the hands of paying customers.

Simply setup your customer, enroll the accounts they want protected, and provision the fraud services they’ve requested. When suspicious activity is identified, customers are sent out-of-band alerts. They conveniently access a dashboard to view exceptions, and make pay/no pay decisions. The type of transaction and the level of risk determine if voice biometric technology is required to finalize the action.

Fraud Prevention HQ is modular, allowing financial institutions to customize the level of fraud prevention for each customer. Current modules include:

Financial Institution Benefits & Features

Increase Fee Income

Fraud Prevention HQ is a highly scalable and marketable fraud prevention service that can be offered to all customers – both business and consumers. Actionable alerting, positive pay features, automated dispute resolution capabilities, and secure yet convenient response options make it the ideal choice.

Reduce Cost

Systematic anomaly detection, alerting, exception handling, elimination of legacy debit filters, and call backs for wires dramatically streamlines backroom operations to reduce cost.

Security & Compliance

Out-of-band alerting and response capabilities using separate access devices (SMS text and hosted IVR system) coupled with the use of one-time authorization codes and voice biometric technology is the ultimate approach to multi-layered security.  Our modules not only meet, but exceed regulator expectations.

Reduce Liability

Fraud Prevention HQ is built for customers to engage in their own fraud protection. Financial institutions can now move fraud monitoring responsibilities out of the backroom, and into the hands of the account holder.


Customer Benefits & Features

Visibility, Control, and Peace of Mind

Customers know of suspicious activity instantly – before funds leave their account – and they have secure and convenient options for responding with a pay/no pay response.


Single sign on is available with most online banking systems. Hosted IVR eliminates the back and forth of call backs. One call and the customer is done! Fraud Prevention HQ’s dashboard makes it easy to instantly get to the transactions that require attention, and renders well on most mobile devices. Identifying ACH payment recipients and wire beneficiaries ahead of time or as transactions are presented, allows the customer to minimize unnecessary ALERTs, and be called to action only when it’s relevant.

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Fraud Protection HQ is the industry’s first exception decisioning portal, providing a fully integrated dashboard for financial institution customers to make their pay or no-pay decisions on suspicious ACH and Wire activity.