The EDI-TransAlert feature in ACH Alert’s PDX module makes ACH payments a viable alternative to checks for B2B payments between companies of all sizes!

EDI-TransAlert translates complex EDI 820 and 835 remittance data embedded in ACH transactions and makes it usable for all sizes of businesses, whether they use EDI systems or not.

Instead of emailing PDF reports with remittance data in “human-readable format” like our competitors do, our FIs’ clients get alerted when payments containing EDI information post to their account. They can also obtain payment information in “computer-usable formats.”

Clients can view the remittance information (including free form addenda) within the transaction history screen and/or export all remittance data to automate posting in their accounting systems! Automated delivery of posting files can also be configured.

If your financial institution is sending secure emails with PDF documents, and your clients are logging in, printing them and manually posting payments, there is a better way! EDI-TransAlert provides real-time information in the digital formats clients need! Contact us today.