Fraud Prevention HQ

Traditional online cash management systems allow account holders to view transactions, but Fraud Prevention HQ empowers account holders with the ability to customize actionable alerts and accept or reject suspicious ACH, check and wire transactions in real-time, even before funds are removed from their account.

Fraud Prevention HQ moves fraud monitoring out of the backroom and into the hands of paying clients, transforming what used to be a cost center into a lucrative new non-interest fee income stream. Our automated billing (analysis and ACH rate card options) are yielding significant fee income for financial institutions using Fraud Prevention HQ.

Fraud Prevention HQ boasts single sign-on with most online banking systems. While manual client enrollment and account registration is easy, it can be completely automated with our entitlements API capability.

Modular in design, you can choose which fraud monitoring modules you want to implement, and which modules you provide to your account holders.

ACH Positive Pay

This real-time ACH approval process, which can occur before a transaction posts, allows your account holder to easily identify trusted trading partners and to automatically populate an ACH filter for future transactions, eliminating the need to maintain ACH blocks and legacy, labor-intensive ACH filters.

Check Positive Pay

Check positive pay has been reinvented. PRO-CHEX removes barriers to customer adoption while radically reducing cost for financial institutions.

ACH Origination Verification

C.O.P.S. (Credit Origination Positive-Pay Services) is strategically designed to prevent losses that result from ACH account takeover. The patented C.O.P.S. process provides multiple layers of security within a single application to defeat the fraudsters and achieve FFIEC compliance. Forward-thinking financial institutions recognize the growing risks of account takeover and are taking preventive steps to combat the threat.

Biometric Wire Transfer

Stop wire fraud in real-time, eliminate call backs, increase operational efficiencies and improve the customer experience with Bio-Wire, another patent pending innovation from ACH Alert! Convenient and completely automated, Bio-Wire’s 100% out-of-band verification process defeats wire fraud like no other solution on the market today.


The EDI-TransAlert feature in ACH Alert’s PDX module makes ACH payments a viable alternative to checks for B2B payments between companies of all sizes! EDI-TransAlert translates complex EDI 820 and 835 remittance data embedded in ACH transactions and makes it usable for all sizes of businesses, whether they use EDI systems or not.


The ACH RT-NOC Alert feature in ACH Alert’s PDX module notifies clients who originate ACH transactions when something goes wrong!

Clients who originate ACH transactions need instant insight when originated transactions are returned, and they need to know why they were returned! If a notification of change is received, it is vital that originating clients correct the information for that transaction going forward.

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