• Strategy

    Safeguarding accounts from fraud requires superior technology. Empowering the account holder with direct control instills confidence in electronic payments.

  • Providing a Pleasant Banking Experience with Electronic Payments

    Give consumers more convenience and control, while increasing revenue, preventing fraud and reducing costs.

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  • Combating Fraud: The Role of Voice Biometrics in Your Layered Security Program

    Your voice is one in seven billion. Learn how voice biometrics can help your institution combat fraud and improve the customer experience.

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  • FFIEC Guidelines - Layered Security: How Much Is Enough?

    Understanding the FFIEC’s guidelines on layered security can help your institution identify the right controls for an effective security program.

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  • Transform Treasury Management with Actionable Fraud Prevention Solutions

    Why your current treasury management system could be costing you customers, revenue and a competitive edge.

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  • Fraud Prevention HQ Product Demos

    Take fraud prevention to the next level! Watch our demo videos and get an in-depth view of our complete suite of fraud prevention solutions.

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  • Modernizing Current Processing Methods to Achieve Faster Payments Now

    Improve existing processes to provide faster, more secure and more profitable payment services

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At ACH Alert,

we know that multi-payment fraud prevention is no game. From ACH and check transactions, to wire transfers and real-time payments, we’ve monitored the flow of billions of dollars. And it has been account holders – not the financial institutions offering our services – who have stopped nearly a billion dollars in fraud.

We’ve proven that fraud prevention doesn’t have to be a costly proposition or cause friction with your customers/members. In fact, the visibility, convenience and control available to account holders aids our clients in attracting new deposit relationships, retaining existing customers, meeting compliance objectives and so much more.

In our digital world, your account holders should never have to call or walk into your branches to dispute a fraudulent transaction. Your staff shouldn’t have to spend time and effort monitoring suspicious transactions, setting up ACH blocks or filters, juggling multiple vendor relationships to offer check positive pay, making judgment calls or client phone calls to verify suspicious transactions, or handle disputes manually, especially not in the lobby with frustrated customers/members.

Strategic-thinking financial institutions who’ve partnered with ACH Alert are transforming fraud prevention from a cost center into a new source of non-interest fee income, all while dramatically improving the customer/member experience.

To learn more about the industry’s best ACH positive pay, check positive pay and out-of-band biometric verification tools, contact us today.

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