ACH Alert Introduces Comprehensive Fraud Dashboard For Account Holders

Fraud Protection HQ is the industry’s first exception decisioning portal

OOLTEWAH, Tenn. – Take an informal poll of most account holders, and they’ll likely name fraud protection as one of their most pressing concerns. At the same time, the need to log into various third-party websites – and away from their financial institution – will rank highly as one of the most tedious lengths they go to in order to secure their accounts.

ACH Alert, an award-winning leader in electronic payments fraud prevention technology has introduced its solution to this dilemma. Fraud Protection HQ is the industry’s first exception decisioning portal, providing a fully integrated dashboard for financial institution customers to make their pay or no-pay decisions on suspicious ACH and Wire activity. And it’s all accomplished with a single sign-on through most online banking systems.

“Fraud Protection HQ puts our proprietary fraud prevention tools right at the fingertips of account holders,” said Debbie Peace, CEO of ACH Alert. “Customers are only called to action when it’s necessary. With single sign-on, there’s no separate URL or setup of login credentials to keep up with, they can get to Fraud Protection HQ from a site they already trust. Customers are empowered to keep their money where it belongs: in their account.”

Fraud Protection HQ gives customers the ability to access ACH Alert’s suite of fraud prevention technology, including PRO-TECH, C.O.P.S. and BIO-WIRE. The dashboard also provides a full history of the account’s suspicious wire and ACH activities and the actions taken on them, an advantage that wasn’t previously available. ACH Alert chose the NACHA Payments 2015 conference in New Orleans, LA., to officially debut Fraud Protection HQ with a fully interactive demo. During the April 19- 21 conference, Peace and other members of the ACH Alert team can be found at Booth 206.

“We’re excited about this year’s conference and rolling out Fraud Protection HQ to help our member FIs provide even more layers of protection, visibility and convenience for their customers,” explained Peace. “We’ve already seen positive feedback about the dashboard, and we look forward to educating more FIs about the benefits of this new portal.”