PRO-CHEX Enterprise

If you’re using more than one system to deliver check positive pay services and/or account reconciliation services to your clients, you’re paying too much, doing too much, and sacrificing a real-time experience. We can change that!

PRO-CHEX Enterprise is a check positive pay and account reconciliation service that boasts an end-to-end design to allow you to retire costly legacy backroom systems and markedly improve operational efficiencies.

PRO-CHEX Enterprise is the first SaaS solution to combine all the components necessary to deliver a real-time check positive pay experience. Here are the advantages PRO-CHEX Enterprise can provide to you and your clients:

Financial Institution


Specific components of PRO-CHEX Enterprise can be used standalone. Coupled with PRO-TECH, you can provide a unified check and ACH positive pay experience.

If you are ready to dramatically reduce cost, improve operational efficiencies, and increase client adoption and revenue, contact us today!