PRO-TECH is our patented ACH positive pay technology that puts the control of pay/no pay decisions for incoming ACH debits into the hands of your account holders. PRO-TECH triggers an actionable alert when an ACH debit hits their account, enabling the account holder to thwart unauthorized ACH entries immediately.

This real-time ACH debit approval process, which can occur before a debit posts, allows your account holder to easily identify trusted trading partners and to automatically populate an ACH debit filter for future transactions, eliminating the need to maintain ACH blocks and legacy, labor-intensive ACH debit filters.

The ability to present a pre-populated Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit when the SEC code requires such an instrument makes returning unauthorized ACH debits of all types a simple, low-cost, no-risk proposition for RDFIs. Return (and re-credit entries when applicable) are systematically created and properly coded, completely automating the exception handling process!

Corporate, small business and consumer account holders can derive equal benefit from this advanced ACH fraud protection. Rapid advances in mobile and online technologies have enabled real-time delivery of notifications through multiple channels and receipt of real-time responses. By leveraging these advances in technology and our extensive knowledge of the ACH network, we have created a solution that will reduce fraud, drive down costs, protect account holders, generate revenue and thus increase profitability for financial institutions.

PRO-TECH requires no systems integration; it simply inserts into the process flow. Whether your financial institution uses a third party to receive your ACH items or you simply don’t want to change your process flow, you can now leverage our complete PRO-TECH Outsource solution.

Leveraging FedLine Command, our direct connection to the Federal Reserve, ACH Alert can securely obtain copies of ACH data being routed to your financial institution and/or third party and load it into the desired service on your behalf.

ACH Alert can also route applicable return, re-credit and billing entries to the Federal Reserve Bank for settlement on your behalf.

ACH Alert’s outsource solution allows your financial institution to continue processing ACH transactions in the normal manner, with no changes to your process flow, file loading and retrieving from our host system. When using the outsource solution, you simply enroll your account holders and ACH Alert takes care of the rest!