Real-time payments require real-time control. PRO-TECH RT provides customers with interactive control of their accounts to decide from whom they accept and reject real-time payments.

PRO-TECH RT boasts a block and approve list, allowing customers to rest assured that incoming real-time payments will be handled according to their preferences. For some industry verticals like mortgage originators, insurance providers and property management companies, it’s vital that payments be rejected if cancellation, eviction or foreclosure proceedings have started. Some companies may prefer to receive payment through another payment method, or they may just like the visibility the alerts provide, giving them instant information about money coming into their account!

With PRO-TECH RT, the customer has visibility and retains control, while you retain the customer and yield non-interest fee income in the process! 

How it works: Enroll your customers, who then decide the conditions that should prompt an alert and the method of the alert (text, email or both). Upon receipt of a real-time payment, an alert is sent providing visibility into the status of the payment. Customers can set up approved and blocked lists in advance or upon receipt of an alert. If a transaction has been accepted or rejected, the customer can add the sender to the approved or blocked list to automatically manage future payments. The approved list supports parameters such as minimum/maximum amount, frequency and start/end date.

PRO-TECH RT requires API integration, but no systems replacement or equipment purchases. Simply insert PRO-TECH RT into the response flow.

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