C.O.P.S. (Credit Origination Positive-Pay Services) is strategically designed to prevent losses that result from ACH account takeover. The patented C.O.P.S. process provides multiple layers of security within a single application to defeat the fraudsters and achieve FFIEC compliance. Forward-thinking financial institutions recognize the growing risks of account takeover and are taking preventative steps to combat the threat.

C.O.P.S. systematically checks the destination and value of ACH transactions after they’re received by your financial institution and before they are released to the ACH network. When transaction anomalies are detected, out-of-band alerts are sent directly to the Originator for immediate verification. As an added level of protection, these alerts are sent via a trusted channel and separate access device.

Administrative controls reside with your financial institution, providing more layers of security and safety. An optional alert, ACH Notify, can be activated to send the Originator a batch confirmation alert with batch counts and totals, eliminating the need for faxed transmittals.

C.O.P.S. requires no systems integration and can be implemented in three weeks or less.

To learn how to stop losses associated with account takeover and meet FFIEC guidance requirements with our patent pending C.O.P.S. service.

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