PRO-CHEX, an enterprise level check positive pay service boast an end-to-end design that allows financial institutions to retire costly legacy backroom systems and markedly improve operational efficiencies. This makes PRO-CHEX the first SaaS solution to ingest capture and issuance data, create and present exceptions, alert for exceptions, accept pay/no pay decisions, and deliver a disposition file and/or report for processing. With PRO-CHEX, you no longer have to rely on multiple vendors or systems to provide check positive pay services. For FI’s that prefer to retain a customer facing or backroom reconcilement capability, PRO-CHEX’s modular design and wide array of configuration options make it possible for an FI to leverage only the functionality they require.

The PRO-CHEX data mapping wizard removes the daunting requirement on customers to deliver issuance files in a specific format or method. They simply define the file type and the location of the required data elements, and PRO-CHEX takes care of the rest. Customers can save mapping templates to make future imports seamless. Single sign-on with virtually every online banking provider assures customers easy access to PRO-CHEX to take care of all their check positive pay needs.

PRO-CHEX can accept capture data and match against issuance data, eliminating the need for backroom software to perform that function. Using PRO-CHEX puts an end to providing an exception file from one vendor to another when presenting exceptions to customers.

How does it work? Just set up customers in our Fraud Prevention HQ platform and enroll accounts for check positive pay services in the PRO-CHEX service module. Customers access PRO-CHEX (directly or via single sign-on) to key or import issuance data. The daily capture file is securely transmitted to ACH Alert, while PRO-CHEX matches issuance data against capture data to create the exceptions. Exceptions trigger alerts to customers to make a pay/no pay decisions. Images of checks can be presented to customers if you support an API call from ACH Alert to retrieve check images on demand. Payee positive pay is also supported, allowing you to provide payee information in the capture file.

PRO-CHEX requires no backroom systems integration or equipment purchases, however interface specifications can be provided for teller line integration.

With built-in billing capability (ACH or analysis), PRO-CHEX completely automates the billing process. Application and message branding are also supported. As a service module of our Fraud Prevention HQ platform, PRO-CHEX can be used as a stand-alone or combined with PRO-TECH, C.O.P.S. and Bio-Wire to provide customers with a unified experience to prevent fraud across multiple payment channels.