Transform costly, antiquated methods used to prevent posting of unauthorized incoming ACH credits into a mobile, customer-engaging, revenue-generating service with PRO-TECH CR from ACH Alert!

Customers want interactive control of their accounts, deciding which payments they accept and reject. This is vital for some industry verticals, like mortgage originators, insurance providers and property management companies. PRO-TECH CR helps you deliver convenient account control to business and/or consumer customers while collecting a premium fee!

How it works: Enroll customer accounts with a default pay or return setting and leave the rest to them! Customers decide the conditions that should prompt an alert and the method of the alert (text, email or both). Upon receipt of an alert, they can return the credit, pay it once, or pay it and add it to an approved list with parameters such as minimum/maximum amount, frequency and start/end date.

PRO-TECH CR requires no system integration, systems replacement or equipment purchases. Simply insert PRO-TECH CR into your daily ACH processing flow. Or you can take advantage of our connection with the Federal Reserve Bank and the Information Extract File they can provide us with your authorization.

Ask about our branded sales and training videos designed to drive adoption and simply the on-boarding process. Finally, a positive ACH positive-pay experience!

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